Debate is a game of intelligence, excitement and knowledge, an effective practice through communication and a way of installing democratic values. Its basics are similar with the fundamentals of an excellent parliamentary system. That is where it derives its significance. The game compels its participants to be aware of the events taking place in vast a range from individual liberty to introducing new legal regulation. A good debater must surely be an intellectual that is equipped with comprehensive information on a variety of subjects and can process this information, evaluate it into practical action, and explain the logic to make people approve the way they proposed. Despite the fact, it seems like a game of seriousness, yet the truth is it is also always fun and enjoyable to present before peers of a certain level and observe the way they argue. Being a debater is an indisputable improvement to one's life.

Debate enthusiasts formed the SU Debate club in 1999 at the first year of the newly founded Sabanci University. From that on, it has been one of the most influential clubs in SU and encouraged hundreds of students to join. Club's mission is to help those who want to participate in debate tournaments, to train and improve them. The club also organizes national and international debate tournaments for other clubs to compete in. Apart from debating, the club also aims to develop an intellectual basis for its members under its brand new department, "Enlightenment".

Enlightenment is a special department designated to create a platform for sharing of knowledge in an intellectual basis, and it was born out of club's desire to gather people of different interests onto this common ground. The department now possesses a group of writers that formulate lifely issues into nice reading materials and produce academic papers that include historical themes which the readers will enjoy. It also organizes interviews and online conferences with experts and academicians to help participants of the event put forward their ideas and ask questions to enlighten them on the concept discussed. That aside, members also discuss and argue on books that may be either academic or literature, in light discussions to helps them improve their argumentation. After several of broadcasting attempts club is getting prepared for a new, intriguing, and well-planned program that will be aired in several platforms in the following semesters, thanks to the experience the department has gained. If you are interested in any of these, you are more than welcomed to join SU-Debate Club.